Friday, May 26, 2006

Teaching Creation In Russia

It's been a very busy spring. I've just returned from Russia where I spent part of my time teaching a creation seminar. This link will bring you to pages that have the complete text of this seminar.

While in Dimitrovgrad Russia the pastor of the local church asked a question. He said that he had looked all over the internet, but he could not find a web site with creation information available in Russian. He told me how the Russian people are very interested in learning about creation and seeing that there is no conflict between science and creation. He was hoping that the information from my creation seminar was available on the internet in Russian.

Although I taught the seminar in English, and it was translated on the spot as I taught it, we do not have a copy of the text in Russian. There is a hunger in Russia for the truth about creation, much more so than in America. We would like to put this seminar online in Russian, and build a complete creation web site in the Russian language. But we don't have the money to pay the cost of translation. As God does in so many instances, the situation is that we can not do this alone. We need your help. If you can help financially with this project, please visit our Russian creation seminar pages for information.

100% of all money donated during June, July and August will be used to pay for translation services and graphics in Russian. We keep nothing to pay for our overhead, nor for the cost of web design, hosting or copywriting. It all will be used to translate creation information into the Russian language.

Thank you for your help.


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