Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Creation vs Evolution Debate

I've had the opportunity to watch videos of a number of creation vs evolution debates recently. They've been very interesting. In each case the evolution side has been represented by a university professor. These are people who are highly intelligent and are paid to study and know the field they work in. But, I've yet to see one come up with a valid argument that supports evolution. Neither could any of them come up with one valid example of a scientific benefit resulting from our understanding of evolution. For example, when asked to give one example of a scientific development resulting from our understanding evolution, one professor said that the creation of vaccines was such an example. But vaccines have nothing to do with evolution. Evolution is one kind of life gradually becoming a totally different type of live. Vaccines are an example of micro-evolution, or what we simplistically could call "selective breeding" .

To support their side of the debate, it seems that in almost every case the professors resorted to "name calling". What I mean by this is that they attempt, to greater or lesser degree depending on the debate, character assassination instead of using reasoned arguments. Why can't the merits of evolution be discussed and compared with the merits of creation? Because there are no merits to evolution. There is no evidence supporting evolution. There has been no advancement of scientific knowledge as a result of the theory of evolution. There have been no scientific breakthroughs resulting from our "knowlege of evolution".

Why do people go on believing in a theory that has no scientific support? Yes, there is a lot of claimed scientific support for evolution, but if you honestly look at it, you'll find that it just evaporates. The only thing that supports a belief in evolution is man's (and woman's) desire to not be subject to God's judgment.


Blogger Althusius said...

Right on.

Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:28:00 PM  
Anonymous TVL said...

Obviously, you haven't thought this entirely through.

What evidence is there of creationism, may I ask? And what do we benefit from having the knowledge of creationism? You're focusing so much on the fact that evolution isn't right, that you're not looking at both sides equally. And obviously you haven't done very much homework, because evolution, though it may be hard to prove, is more believeable than creationism in the sense that we can even see evolution taking place. You think humans were here all the time? What about the dinosaurs? Because I know there is plenty of evidence supporting the fact that those were real. Do you honestly think that dinosaurs would simply disregard human beings sharing a planet with them? Or would they eat humans as a midnight snack? Or do you think humans had dinosaurs pull plows for them, as an exhibit in the creationism museum in New York depicts?

To put it simply, please do not write about things you know only a bit about, degrading the theory entirely, when the theory you most obviously support gives no more evidence than the one you're putting down.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 10:08:00 AM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Thank you for your comment TVL.

The evidence is all around us. Facts are facts and are not disputed. Dinosaurs are real. The question is, which theory best fits the evidence we see?

The two theories: One says everything has come from nothing and slowly, over millions of years, life evolved to the forms we see today. The other says God created everything about 6,000 years ago. Following that, about 4,500 years ago there was a world-wide flood that destroyed everything. So which of these does the evidence best fit?

Let’s just look at the questions you raised.

You said we can see evolution taking place. When? Where? No one has ever seen evolution taking place. What is observed is natural selection. Evolution requires that one type of living things turn into another type of living thing. That has never been observed. What has been observed are dogs breeding and producing different types of dogs. But they are STILL dogs. You can breed dogs and get many different kinds of dogs, but you NEVER get something that is not a dog. Please don’t confuse natural selection with evolution. They are two different things.

Humans have not been here all the time. They have been here starting six days after the first things in the universe were created. We missed the first five days. Both humans and dinosaurs were created on day six of creation… and there are many pictures of humans and dinosaurs together. Here is one carved on a rock about 1000 years ago.

How big was the average dinosaur? About as big as a sheep. That’s not very threatening. And just because something has sharp teeth, does that mean it eats people? No. Take a look at the teeth of a fruit bat or panda bear—they are very sharp and both are vegetarians. Have humans lived with other very efficient predators and survived? Yes. Historically what has happened when humans and predators have come in conflict? The predators are wiped out.

I don’t know about dinosaurs pulling carts, but I have seen ancient art showing people riding on dinosaurs, fighting with dinosaurs and being eaten by dinosaurs (yes, the dinos won a battle sometimes). How would ancient people even know what a dinosaur looked like, if they had not actually seen them? (By the way, there are pictures of people and dinosaurs together from ancient cultures around the world. I’ll make a ew blog post with some pictures and links.)

How about the question, what benefit has the theory of evolution brought to mankind? The answer is nothing. On the other hand, the belief in creation, and the Bible, is the foundation of science. Prior to the rise of Christianity pagan beliefs saw the universe as random, governed by chance and the whims of the “gods”. It is the Bible that revealed there is structure, laws and logical order to the universe, that can be revealed through science and then used. That’s why, although there were smart people in other parts of the world who did make a few discoveries, it was Christian Europe where modern science exploded. And the foundational knowledge, given by the Bible, that there is order, structure, laws and logic that govern the universe continues to be the basis for all modern science today.

Saturday, February 09, 2008 6:02:00 AM  

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