Saturday, February 17, 2007

Are You A Good Person - I Just Got Out of Prison

I was talking with two young men about what happens after we die. I asked the question, "Would you consider yourself to be a good person?" One of them immediately said, "No, I'm not."

It turned out he had been to prison three times and was going to court again later that week. He had no doubt he was heading back to prison because he had broken the law once again and been caught.

He knew he was not a good person. He understood that when you go to court, stand before a judge, that if you did the rime you've got to pay the time.

We've all done the crime. We've all broken God's laws (see Remember, God sees everything you do and think. Image we could put a computer chip in your brain and record your every thought and deed for a month. Then we invite all of your friends to a movie theater and take what was recorded on that chip and show it on the big screen. That's what God sees. We will all stand before God on judgment day and the verdict will be guilty.

But, what if you are standing before a judge in a courtroom... you've been pronounced guilty... and the fine is $100,000 or you are going to prison. You don't have that kind of money so you are heading for prison. But then a stranger comes into the courtroom... writes a check for $100,000... and gives it to the judge. Your fine is paid. What happens to you? You go free.

That is what will happen on judgement day. When you stand before God to be judged, if you have accepted Christ's gift of his having paid your penalty for you, Jesus will stand up and say, "I have paid his/her penalty. They can go free." And you'll enter heaven.

But if you have not accepted Jesus Christ's gift, then yo must pay the penalty (hell) yourself.

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