Friday, February 02, 2007

Does God Bless America?

When does God bless a nation and when does God withdraw His blessings from a nation?

A nation that lives in obedience to God, will be blessed. A nation that blesses Israel, will be blessed.

Is America living in obedience to God?

No, America is up to its eyeballs in the blood of innocent children who have been murdered. In ancient times some cultures sacrificed children to their pagan gods. We read about that and are horrified. How could someone kill their children to please a god that is not real? Yet we sacrifice millions more babies than were ever sacrificed to pagan gods... killing then in honor of the god of person convenience. We apply the death penalty to an innocent child because we had a moments pleasure and it would be inconvenient to let that child live.

Yes, some babies are conceived as a result of rape. (Very, very few abortions happen as a result of rape.) So what do we do? We give the death penalty to an innocent child instead of to the rapist. One person commits rape and we kill another person who had nothing to do with that rape. Does that make sense? NO!!!

The ongoing murder of innocent children is just one reason why America no longer has God's blessing as we did in the past. People are looking to the rest of the world and saying, "The world does not approve of what we are doing. We must change what we are doing." What we should be doing is looking to God and saying, "God does not approve of what we are doing. We must change what we are doing!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent statement you have about abortion. The so-called terriost killed approximatly between 2000 to 3000-I don't have the exact figures, but America has killed at least 50 million innocent babys, since that type of murder was legalized, yet we are going into Iraq, took Saddom down because they claimed he killed millions of people. I'm afraid that we will see things that will make 911 very minor, because of the way we are straying from our Almighty God, & Jesus Christ who died on the cross, shedding His blood for our sins that we may have life abunditly in Him. The day our Lord will be coming back is closing in very fast.
God bless you,

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 1:28:00 PM  

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