Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why Put Yourself Into A Place Of Sin?

If you are a guy, does it make sense to go to a strip bar if you do not want to break God's 7th commandment?

Jesus said that if you look with lust, you have committed adultery in your heart... and God looks at what is in our heart. So a guy going to a strip bar is putting himself directly in the center of a sitution in which he will lust, and will commit adultery of the heart and will break God's 7th commandment, Thou shall not commit adulterty.

But everyone knows going to a strip bar is not a good idea. But there is something else we do that places us directly in the center of temptations that lead us to break another of God's commandments. It is a commandment we often forget. The 10th commandment. Thou shall not covet.

What is television all about? Yes, sex and lust immediately comes to mind. Yes, violence comes to mind. Yes, using the name of God as a cuss word comes to mind. But what television is about is getting you to covet. Advertsing pays for television, and the objective of advertising is to get you to want something... to really want it. To really covet it. To watch television is to voluntarily put yourself into a situation in which every possible effort will be made to get you to break God's law. To covet. It's a no win situation.



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