Friday, March 16, 2007

Montel Williams Reveals His Prejudice & Hostility

I did not see the recent Montel Williams show on which gays who have left the homosexual lifestyle were the topic. But I find what went on off-camera to be very interesting. If you watch shows such as Montel to learn something and become better informed, you are being totally mislead. They are not about informing, but instead are about pushing a certain viewpoint. They are not about an open discussion of the issues and finding truth... they want to hide the truth if it does not match what they want to believe. The following is quoted from a newsletter put out by Exodus International.

Montel Williams Reveals Prejudice & Hostility Towards Former Homosexuals

"Montel Williams reveals his bias and hostility towards former homosexuals on today’s show, 'Homosexuality . . . Can it be Cured?' Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, accepted an invitation to discuss homosexuality and the option of change in the hopes that it would bring a message of hope to a broader audience, but instead, found himself the target of malicious questions, unfair accusations and open hostility.

Former Exodus Board Member, Tom Cole, and his wife Donna, both former homosexuals, were slated to be guests as well, but were thrown off the show for having told Montel Williams that their stories were just as valid as those on the pro-gay side of the argument. Williams became irate, immediately removed them from the panel and had them thrown off the studio premises.

Alan Chambers then found himself the lone voice opposing the views of four guests representing the other side of the debate. The only other former homosexual was placed in the audience and allowed only a short amount of speaking time.

On today’s show, Montel Williams promotes the documentary, 'Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement.' The film, produced by Alicia Salzer, the director of William’s after-care program, is an inaccurate portrayal of former homosexuals and shows individuals undergoing shock therapy in order to be 'cured' of their homosexuality.

Chambers commented on today’s show, 'The world is full of many, like Montel Williams, who are hostile to our message. Yet it does not change the fact that thousands of us have experienced change through the power of Jesus Christ. We will continue to share the hope we have found and the freedom that is available to all.'"

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Blogger Bill said...

America is falling faster into immorality than ever before. To many Christians are afraid to take a true stand for our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross shedding His blood for all who is willing to come to Him, & follow His ways. Yes, homosexuals can get out of their sinful ways, like any other sins that can bind us in this world. We need to take a true stand preaching the truth of Jesus Christ, the full Word of God. rather than leave some things out because of the fear that may take place against us as followers of Jesus Christ.

Friday, June 22, 2007 11:36:00 AM  

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