Monday, April 23, 2007

Look At The Fields! They Are Ripe For Harvest.

Over the past week I've written about some of the deep, horrible sin we have in America, and how our embracing of our sin is resulting in God withdrawing His blessing from America.

Abortion. More children are murdered each day in America than all of the deaths we've had in Iraq.

Homosexuality. We celebrate sin.

Divorce and remarriage following divorce. We just ignore this sin. As we also do people living together outside of marriage.

...and more.

This is where most leave this subject. They condem the sin and cry about how bad it is. And we should be crying about the horrid sin going on all around us. And we should be crying about our own sin. Because most Christians are disobeying the Lord and they are not concerned about it in the least way.

The first call to share the Gospel comes early in the Gospel of John. Read chapter 4 starting at verse 34. In verse 35 Jesus says, "I tell you, OPEN YOUR EYES and look at the fields!" The fields are ready for harvest. Christians OPEN YOUR EYES, obey the Lord, love your neighbor and tell them about the Good News. Share the Gospel message with them! Why do you want to keep such good news a secret??

The Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon said that it might be doubted that you truly are a Christian if you are not sharing your faith. Yet the statistics say that only 2% of Christians actively share their faith each year.

You can sin by doing something that is in violation of God's law. You can also sin by not doing what God has commanded you to do. If a blind man was walking toward a cliff, would you not warn him about the danger ahead? Of course you would. The Bible tells us that non Christians are blind and they are heading for a huge cliff... hell. Get up, go out and share the gospel. It's the loving thing to do.

Here are blogs by two people who are sharing their faith:

The Centurion Papers

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