Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's Happening To America?

In the Book of Judges God blesses Israel and then withdraws His blessing. The cycle is repeated over and over. When Israel disobeys God's commandments, God withdraws His blessing. When Israel returns to obeying God, God then blesses Israel. The phrase that sums up what Israel did wrong is the very last sentence in this book... "so the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes."

When we do what seems right in our own eyes then we can expect the consequences, the withdrawal of God's blessings.

On Monday I was wondering why I didn't feel upset or sad about the murder of 33 people at Virginia Tech. On Tuesday someone mentioned that the NY Times was strongly promoting gun control. Then it struck me. Over 3,000 children are intentionally, and with premeditation, murdered EVERY DAY. And this daily mass murder doesn't even warrant a mention in the news. Our soil is soaked in the blood of our sacrificed children... how can God do anything but withdraw His blessing?

3,000 years ago people would sacrifice their children to pagan gods such as Moloch. They believed this would bring them a better life. It would bring rain to water the crops. It would bring them health and wealth. We are rightly appalled by this. As "civilized" people we would NEVER allow children to be sacrificed to a god. Or would we?

Today, 3,000 people a day sacrifice their children to the god of self-centeredness. Most abortions are done for the very same reasons people sacrificed children to Moloch, because they think it will bring them a better life. People have abortions because it is not convenient to have a baby at this point in time. People have abortions because they don't have time for children. It will interfere with their life. It will be a financial burden. We are sacrificing our children, just as the believers of Moloch did, because we believe it will mean a better life for ourselves.

What hypocrites we are!! What murders we are!! Where is the outrage? 500 years from now this period in time will be know as a dark age of savagery.

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Blogger Bill said...

As true Christians, we all need to take a true stand for our Lord Jesus Christ against the evil that is taking place here in America. America is reaping what it's sowing. As you have mentioned over 3000 innocent babys are being killed every year, that makes our nation no different than what Saddom has done. We don't give the babys their chance in life, when the Bible states,"Thou shalt not kill."
Many believers are falling into the wrong attitude of what the Scriptures are telling us also.

Friday, April 20, 2007 3:55:00 PM  

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