Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Bridge Tender And His Son

There is a very famous story, that many Christians know, about a draw bridge tender and his son.

One day the bridge tender takes his son to work with him. It's a nice day... the son is fishing on the bank of the river... and the father is checking on the machinery that runs the bridge. Everything is as it should be. But then the son notices the train is coming. It's early! The train has run through a red light and is heading toward the draw bridge and the bridge is open!

The son notices this and tries to pull the emergency switch. But he's too small and he falls into the gears... just as the father looks out the window, seeing his son fall into the gears. The father must make a decision. Lower the bridge, saving the train but killing his son. Or run out to pull his son from gears allowing the train to plunge to the river below.

What does he do?

An Academy Award nominated, and award winning film tells this story. It's called MOST (the Movie), which is Czech for "The Bridge".



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