Wednesday, November 14, 2007

400 Year Cycle - And The Time Is Now

In studying history Dr. Ralph D. Winter, the founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission, noticed what appears to be a 400 year cycle. It is a cycle in which a people group are first obedient to God; then over time they drift away from God and serve other gods; then God does something major to move His purposes forward. Dr. Winter ties this cycle into evangelism. When Christians are not sharing the good news about Jesus Christ with others, God does something that results in a dramatic spread of the gospel.

Dr. Winter has noticed that the gospel can be spread in a number of ways. For examples, believers can go out and bring the gospel to on-believers. Or, non-believers can be brought into a Christian group. An example of the latter are the Vikings. The Vikings were brutal, pagans. They invaded what we now call the British Isles and targeted monasteries and churches... because that was were the gold was. They killed the men and took the woman captive, taking them back to their homes as slaves who cared for and taught their children. What happened? The woman shared the gospel with the children of the Vikings. God's purpose was accomplished. The gospel was spread. The Vikings eventually became Christians... and became civilized.

So how does this apply to America? We are at the cusp of the 400 year cycle. God has greatly blessed America with riches beyond what any other nation has every had. What do we do with those riches? We spend more money on cosmetics than we do on missions. While missionaries give-up and remain at home because they can not raise the funds they need, we buy $100 tickets to sports events.

Which does God care about more? Who wins the next Superbowl, or the salvation of a 12 year-old girl in Russia. Which does God care about more? Whether your wife has the right shade of lipstick and matching shoes, or whether that same 12 year old girl has food today?

Where are are priorities? God knows and the time when He will act against America has already come. If we will not do His will, then He will see that it is done without us.

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