Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Haven't Done Anything Wrong!

The nation of Israel had turned away from God and was worshiping other gods. In condemning Israel in Jeremiah 2:31 God said:

Why do my people say, "At last we are free from God! We won't have anything to do with him anymore!"

America has turned away from God and is worshiping other gods. Worshiping gods created by man, to serve man. America doesn't want anything to do with God anymore. A new god has been created who allows everyone to do whatever they want to do.

In Jeremiah 2:34 God says, "Your clothing is stained with the blood of the innocent and poor."

There are none more innocent than a new-born baby... and 1,000,000 babies are slaughtered in America every year. It's called abortion... and the ocean of blood from these innocent babies has soaked deep into our soil. This horror is ignored because a new god has been created. A god who does not consider an unborn baby to be a baby. The God of the Bible says "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb." (Jeremiah 1:5) The God of the Bible says he creates the life that grows in a woman's body... yet we allow 1,000,000 of God's creations in America to be slaughtered every year.

I spoke with a pastor recently who saw nothing wrong with abortion. After all, unwanted babies interfere with the lives of people. They are not convenient. Dear pastor, YOUR clothing is stained with the blood of the innocent.

Who do you worship? Do you worship the God of the Bible? Or do you say you worship the god of the Bible, but the reality is that you have made a god in your own image? A god (an idol) who allows sin such as abortion, homosexuality, adultery and fornication? Who do you worship?

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