Monday, November 19, 2007

Read These Words

Think about what is happening in America today and read these words from Jeremiah chapter 8. Liberal (progressive) "Christian" churches twist the meaning of scripture calling good what God says is evil. Everyone thinks they are Christian even though they ignore God, because they have listened to the teachers in America--the media, "intellectuals", science and liberal church leaders. Here is what God says:

"Why do these people keep going along their self-destructive path, refusing to turn back, even though I have warned them? I listen to their conversations, and what do I hear? Is anyone sorry for sin? Does anyone say, 'What terrible thing have I done'? No! All are running down the path of sin as swiftly as a horse rushing into battle!" - Jeremiah 8:5-7

"How can you say, 'We are wise because we have the law of the LORD,' when your teachers have twisted it so badly? These wise teachers will be shamed by exile for their sin, for they have rejected the word of the LORD." - Jeremiah 8:8,9

America turn back to the Lord! That is a cry for you individually. Listen to the word of God. Turn away from homosexual marriage and acceptance of homosexual behavior as right and good. Turn away from abortion... the sacrifice of children on the alter of the god of convenience. Turn away from divorce... the relationship between a husband and wife is the image of Jesus' relationship with the body of all believers. Turn away from fornication (sex outside of marriage). Turn away from inclusiveness that excludes God. There are many that call inclusiveness, with no limits, to be the desire of God... but they are the teachers who are twisting God's word and leading you away God. Inclusiveness is evil if it includes acceptance of sin as not being evil in God's eyes.

God's gift of salvation includes everyone. No one is excluded from this gift. If anyone accepts God's gift, it is theirs. That is the ultimate inclusiveness. But leading someone to believe they are saved and will enter heaven, when they do not desire to reject sin, is teaching a twisted gospel that leads to destruction.

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