Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Homosexual Marriage in America -

The battle over homosexual marriage and civil unions in Oregon just heated up again with the filing of a lawsuit to allow civil unions to be placed on the 2008 ballot.

What I find interesting about this debate is that Christians are regularly accused of trying to force their beliefs on others. And we accept that!!!

What is the truth?

Homosexuals and homosexual supporters are trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. Christians are just reacting to the attack by defending what we believe. The homosexual activitists are trying to "turn the table" by making Christians look like the "bad guys" who force everyone to believe as they do.

Who is it that is attacking and changing the established morality (or what is left of the morality) of our nation? It is those who are forcing homosexual marriage on everyone else. They are trying to force Cristians to accept homosexuality and homosexual marriage as being right and good. They are trying to get Christians to accept something we know is wrong... that God has said is wrong.

Does homosexuality sent someone to hell? No. They were headed for hell before they had any homosexual relationships. Just like all of us were headed for hell for the same reasons: we have disobeyed God. We lied. We took things that did not belong to us. We did not honor our parents. AND we did not alweays have God as #1 in our lives. We have disobeyed God and will receive the just penalty for breaking His laws... unless we can find someone else who will pay our penalty for us.

That is what the homosexual marriage issue is all about. It is about telling God, "Not your will, but MY will be done." I want to do what I want to do, and I want God to bless what I am doing. It is about putting ourselves above God. That's why the homosexual agenda is directly running into Christianity, but Christian know the truth is, "Your will be done God, not our will."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

From your post it sounds like you are worried that you will be forced into a homosexual marriage. But the legislation is simply about homosexuals having the option to marry each other if they want to. I don't think you need to worry :)

Also, you might find the following link interesting:

I think you are one of those who would rather attack homosexuals than love them. At the end of the day we all have flaws. It's not in your best interests (or anyone else's) for you to be so focused on what you think is wrong in others.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 4:08:00 AM  

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