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The Jews Sacrifice Children

"The have built pagan shrines to Baal in the valley of the son of Hinnom, and there they sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molech. I have never commanded such a horrible deed; it never even crossed my mind to command such a thing. What an incredible evil..." - Jeremiah 32:35

About 2,600 years ago the Jews were sacrificing their children to the pagan god Molech. It showed how depraved they were and demonstrated how far away from God they had turned.

Today, this very day, Americans are sacrificing their sons and daughters to one of the great pagan gods of America... the god of convenience. Just as sacrificing children to Molech was legal in Israel 2,600 years ago, so is abortion legal in America today. But whether it is legal, or whether the god is Molech or convenience, to take a child's life is still wrong.

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Anonymous Jesi said...

I'm sure that you are aware that Jesus Christ was a Jew. I'm also sure that you're aware that God's people are the Jews. (Read Exodus, that's the one where God plagued Egypt for keeping his people as slaves.)

As I've said before to you, you're doing nothing here but showing what a hateful and spiteful being you are. Are you honestly claiming that the Jewish people are evil pagans that continue to sacrifice children? You're really no better than Nazi Germany. (Yes, Nazis did print pamphlets advertising that Jews sacrificed children.) I cannot believe your close-minded, self-centered view on life. You really think you're better than the rest of us, don't you? Just because you're "Christian" and you "love Jesus" and have "been saved".

Read the fucking New Testament asshole. Jesus Christ preached to love one another and to treat others the way you want to be treated. He also preached that the love of God was above anything else in the world. You've really floored me this time.

And for the record, Baal was a fictional god. Yes, there is some evidence that Baal was worshipped in some areas, but the people that worshipped Baal were cults and sure as hell not the Jewish people. From the beginning of Judaism, the Jewish people have worshipped the same god, which happens to be the very same god that you yourself worship.

And another thing asshole: abortion is not a "convenience". You really think it's a convenience to have the fetus removed from your body? Don't even start talking about abortion; you will never have to deal with it. You will never be faced with the prospect of carrying a life inside of you, you will never be faced with the pain and fear of knowing that this new life may kill you. You will never have to question your own morals and wonder if keeping the baby is the right thing to do.

So: I stick by what I said before: you don't like it, don't have one and shut the fuck up.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 11:23:00 PM  
Anonymous browser said...

I think you have misunderstood the writer. He is not saying that the Jews do this today. The quoted scripture comes from the old testament from the prophet Jeremiah. It sounds like you might be of Jewish heritage just from listening to your argument, and from what I can remember the Jewish and Christian OT do not contain all of the same books so maybe that is the issue here, i dont know.

Also, i dont think the writer doubts that Baal is a fictional or false god, because it sounds like he is a Christian and believes that the Lord is the one and true God. But again, the OT is clear that many Jews turned away from the Lord and worshipped false gods and participated in pagan rituals and sacrifices.

I believe that many but not all abortions are done out of convenience. And by convenience i mean...."crap I screwed up and got pregnant. This is gonna cost me a lot of money, time, and greif that I dont want to deal with right now so...I'll just get abortion cause it's seems like the simpler option. That is what is meant by convenient, not that it is an easy or comfortable operation.

From the way you talk about God, it seems like you have a pretty accurate understanding of God or least what the bible says about Him. So ask yourself this...what does God think about abortion? Does God appreciate us making a decision to abort the precious life that he has so carefully placed and nurtured in the womb? Even in the rare event that it means I have to sacrifice my life? Does God see my life as being more important than the new life inside me?

Sunday, December 09, 2007 1:48:00 AM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Browser, thank you for your comments. You have clearly explained what my post was saying. Thank you.

Jesi, thank you for your comments.

I'd like to add some statistics to what Browser said:

The Planned Parenthood publication "Abortion Facts at a Glance" reports that about 1% of abortions are done because there was a rape.

Less than 1% of abortions are done to save the mother's life. While he was U.S. Sugeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop said that in 36 years as a pediatric surgeon, he was not aware of a single situation in which a preborn child's life had to be taken in order to save the mother's life. He called this argument a "smoke screen" used to justify abortion.

What about children who are identified in the womb as being disabled? Isn't abortion justified then? Suppose you have an eight year old child who become blind or a paraplegic. He is now a burdon on you, expensive and inconvenient. Should you put him to death? Of course not. What's the difference? You have gotten to know the eight year old child. Killing an unborn child just because you have not held in in your arms and heard him cry, does not reduce his value. He is still a human... still your child.

The point is that well over 95% of abortions are done for convience sake: It is not a convenient time to have a child... we are not financially ready... we had not planned to have children yet... etc.

Children are casually murdered because they are in the wrong place by just six inches. If they were moved by just six inches they would be outside the womb. But over 1,000,000 children are in the wrong place, at an inconvenient time for their parents, so the parents have them killed.

Would Jesus have a child killed because it was not a convenient time to have a small child around?

Monday, December 10, 2007 8:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does God Kill Babies?
"Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."--Psalm 137:9
The bible is not pro-child. Why did God set a bear upon 42 children just for teasing a prophet (2 Kings 2:23-24)? Far from demonstrating a "pro-life" attitude, the bible decimates innocent babies and pregnant women in passage after gory passage, starting with the flood and the wanton destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, progressing to the murder of the firstborn child of every household in Egypt (Ex. 12:29), and the New Testament threats of annihilation.

Space permits only a small sampling of biblical commandments or threats to kill children:

Numbers 31:17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones.
Deuteronomy 2:34 utterly destroyed the men and the women and the little ones.
Deuteronomy 28:53 And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters.
I Samuel 15:3 slay both man and woman, infant and suckling.
2 Kings 8:12 dash their children, and rip up their women with child.
2 Kings 15:16 all the women therein that were with child he ripped up.
Isaiah 13:16 Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled and their wives ravished.
Isaiah 13:18 They shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eyes shall not spare children.
Lamentations 2:20 Shall the women eat their fruit, and children.
Ezekiel 9:6 Slay utterly old and young, both maids and little children.
Hosea 9:14 give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts.
Hosea 13:16 their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.
Then there are the dire warnings of Jesus in the New Testament:

"For, behold, the days are coming, in which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the womb that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck."--Luke 23:29
The teachings and contradictions of the bible show that antiabortionists do not have a "scriptural base" for their claim that their deity is "pro-life." Spontaneous abortions occur far more often than medical abortions. Gynecology textbooks conservatively cite a 15% miscarriage rate, with one medical study finding a spontaneous abortion rate of almost 90% in very early pregnancy. That would make a deity in charge of nature the greatest abortionist in history!

Nontract #7
Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 6:11:00 AM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for a cut and paste from an article written by Anne Nicol Gaylor. Did you bother to look up the Biblical references and read them in their context, or did you just accept them as is without reading what you posted?

I'd love to hear your own thoughts, instead of a cut and paste.

However, I'll try to address what appears to be your question.

To understand what God is doing, you need to know who God is. He is your creator. He made you. He owns you. (That's a thought American's don't like and don't understand.) Yet, from the moment of conception we are filled with rebellion against God (sin) and we are deserving of God's just punishment. We deserve to receive the consequences resulting from our sin.

What is sin? It is disobeying God. It is an offense against God. It is rebelling against God. Thus who has the right to punish sin? Only God. Only God can give us the just consequences for our disobeying Him.

We do not have this right. We do not have the right to take a baby's life. We did not create the baby nor has the baby sinned against us. For us to kill a baby (through abortion) is murder.

From the moment we are concieved we deserve the death penalty. God has the right to give us justice at any time that He wishes to do so.

Yes, God wiped out the entire world with a flood, except for Noah and his family. Why? Because the entire world deserved the death penalty. And please recognize this is more than physical death. The death penalty I'm talking about is called the second death... spiritual death. We can survive physical death (through the grace of God). The real penalty is the second death that comes after physical death. We call it hell.

In both the Old Testament and the New Testament the example of a potter and the pots he makes are used to help us understand this.

A potter takes clay and makes pots with that clay. Once a potter makes a pot, does he have the right to place that pot on a shelf and treasure it? Yes. Does he have the right to immediately smash it and destroy it? Yes. Does the clay pot have the right to tell the potter what to do? No. The potter created the clay pots and may treasure or destroy them, to suit his purposes.

It is the same with God and us. He is the potter, we are the clay pots. God created each of us. He may do with us as He wills. And because He is who He is, He always does right... in this case giving people the justice they deserve.

What is amazing is that God withholds justice for such a long time for most people. He let's us live, instead of giving us what we deserve.

Do babies go to hell when they physically die? No. The Bible makes it clear that those who do not have the capacity to understand God's grace are freely covered by the blood of Jesus.

You do have the capacity to understand you have disobeyed God... you have sinned... and you are facing the just consequences. You are facing the penalty of the second death. Hell.

God may decide it is time for you to start paying the penalty you owe at any time. You may die today or tonight.

Who will pay the penalty you owe for all you have done wrong? Will you pay it yourself (which means you get thrown into the firely pit of hell) or would you like Jesus Christ to pay your penalty on your behalf?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 5:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I have read the Biblical references in context. I have read and studied the Bible and am very familiar with those verses. Posting the non tract was just a convenient way to express my thoughts which Anne Nicol Gaylor stated so well...although I didn't realize that she was the actual author. Which is why I gave credit to The Freedom from Religion Foundation and not to her specifically.

Anyway, I don’t see how reading the verses in context makes them any less morally reprehensible. For instance - Numbers 31:15-18. Was it the baby boys who invited the Midianites to worship another god? Was it the young women? And even if it was, does that justify having the boys killed and the virgins (most likely little girls) taken away and, I would assume, raped?

You believe that it's okay for God to kill whoever he wants because he created us. This might be true for pots, but we're human beings. If we are God's children this reasoning is all the more ridiculous. By his example, we are nothing more than pottery to him.

I was raised a Christian. When I was young I had no problem with the Bible stories that I was taught. When I was older, and actually read the Bible from cover to cover, I realized that it was full of other stories of violence and nonsense. Lots of them. It was immediately obvious to me that it was written by primitive, superstitious men, and that it could not be the inspired word of any all knowing, all powerful and loving god. With His unlimited resources and brilliant mind God could certainly do much better than behave like a vain tyrant, ruling by fear. His morals would be so much higher than my own, but in the Bible they’re not.

Since then I've been fascinated with why people still believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. How can anyone think that killing your own (God) children (us) is morally acceptable? It seems crazy to believe that babies deserve the death penalty and that God is only withholding the justice they deserve. It seems crazy to believe that everything God does in the Bible is right, just because He says it is...even though God in the Bible is vain and brutal. I know that you're probably not insane. You're probably a nice guy trying to do the right thing.

I’m sure you’re familiar with all of the arguments against Biblical inerrancy. For me, all it took was reading the Bible for the first time. I continue to read the Bible (although I haven’t read it cover to cover lately) as well as other books and resources on Christianity, etc. That’s how I discovered your blog.

After reading your response to my initial post I see that, like so many other evangelicals, you are hopelessly lost in the backward myths of the Bible for some reason. Your response sounds just like so many others who regurgitate the same nonsensical explanations of Biblical nonsense and brutality. (I’m starting to think that it’s some sort of brainwashing.) Although you forgot to do the shtick about a “free gift.” Which, I’m sorry, is just such a cheesy and dishonest way to get people to accept Jesus. Salvation is not a free gift. To receive salvation you have to do the work of true faith.

Oops, well I’ve gotten off topic. God missed His chance to tell us (in the Bible) that abortion is murder. I know you’ll probably counter with passages like Psalm 139:13-16 or Jeremiah 1:5. Which, when taken out of context, seem to support the claim that God recognizes a fetus as a person. But, for instance, if we read the entire passage of Jeremiah 1:4-10 it gives that one verse another meaning...and what is true for Jeremiah is not necessarily true for us. We are not prophets.

God does give examples that seem to support the view that He doesn’t consider us a person until we are at least a month old and, in Exodus 21:22-25, clearly states that causing an abortion is not a capital offense. No, the baby in that passage did not survive. When this passage is properly translated it is a miscarriage, not a premature birth (NIV translation.)

God also seems to feel that it can sometimes be better to terminate a pregnancy than to allow it to continue into a grim life...Ecclesiastes 6:3-5, Ecclesiastes 4:1-3, Job 3:2-4 & 11-19, Job 10:18-19. Those verses could be used to prove that the Bible supports ending a pregnancy that would lead to a life lacking quality.

We can take a verse or two from the Bible to support any point of view, but the Bible doesn’t take a stand on abortion at all. Whether the Bible is the inspired word of God or just a collection of stories written by men, it cannot be used to support or condemn abortion rights.

Thanks for posting. I do wish you well and hope your faith leads you to live an ethical and compassionate life.

Thursday, February 21, 2008 6:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost forgot, I did have one other question. I'm curious as to whether you think the incredible evil that God is talking about in Jeremiah 32:35 is worshiping Baal or is it killing children?

I think it must be worshipping Baal, because God has certainly commanded the horrible deed of killing of children.

Thanks for your time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008 7:12:00 AM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Thank you again anonymous for your comments. You've covered a range of topics and it would take a very long comment to answer everything. For that reason I have put some of my answers in a new post in the blog we use for Bible commentary (understanding scripture). You'll find it at: http://www.missiontoamerica.org/blog/2008/02/when-does-abortion-become-murder.html

In addition, there will be other comments and posts to answer some of your other comments. In this comment I'd like to talk about the person you are putting your faith in, Anne Nicol Gaylor.

Now that you've written something on your own I'd guess that you are above average in intelligence. I think you are someone who can think and reason. So I wish to challenge you to think through what is being said by Anne Nicol Gaylor.

First, her Biblical knowledge is very much lacking. Many of the passages she references do not say anything to support her point. Take her only New Testament passage, Luke 23:29. It says:

"For the time will come when you will say, 'Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed.'"

The point Anne Nicol Gaylor is trying to make is that "God kills babies." Luke 23:29 has nothing to do with that. What Luke 23:29 is talking about is how horrible it will be for the people in Jerusalem when the destruction of Jerusalem (by the Romans) comes. People will be so hungry that children will be considered a burden, and those who never had children will seem like they are blessed.

A few brief comments on some of the other verses:

Hosea 13:16 is a prophecy describing the destruction of Samaria by the Assyrians.

Hosea 9:14 is a prayer by Hosea, saying what Hosea wishes to have happen.

Isaiah 13:18 is talking about the Medes defeat of the Babylonians.

Lamentations 2:20 is Jeremiah describing what is happening in Jerusalem. It is written as though the city of Jerusalem speaking. Whose fault is the situation in Jerusalem? Is it God's fault? Or the result of the actions of the Israelites?

She should have paid a little more attention to the verses she was selecting.

But it only takes one example. When God caused a world-wide flood it killed everyone, men, women and children (except for eight people). Why did God do this?

"The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time." - Genesis 6:5

God was destroying evil.

Let's slow down and think about what Anne Nicol Gaylor has actually said.

She is saying that because there are examples in the Bible in which children are killed, we should then allow children to be killed by abortion today. There is nothing in the Bible that prohibits that and the examples in the Bible show it being done.

But, look at the examples from the Bible. In every case when the child is killed, the mother is also killed.

If we are going to do as Anne Nicol Gaylor says we should, then we can follow the "Biblical example" and kill the mother and the child.

I'll vote for that one! Abortion should go to zero. (That's sarcasm. I'm not advocating the killing of women.)

Let's think about what she is saying a little more. Why should we limit the killing of babies to children in the womb? If someone has a problem two-year old, the parents should be able to kill that child. The line of reasoning she presents supports this.

Where do we stop?? This is absurd!!!

Read the two posts at http://www.missiontoamerica.org/blog/2008/02/when-does-abortion-become-murder.html, the Bible does say that abortion is murder.

Monday, February 25, 2008 8:10:00 PM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Hello again anonymous:

You made a statement that indicates you believe we are all children of God, but the Bible says we are not. The truth is that we are wicked, evil, enemies of God. We are not children of God just because we exist.

For example, Romans 5:10 tells us we were God's enemies before he saved us: "For if, when we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his son."

Please read the second half of my post at: Childre Of God

We become adopted as children of God when God saves us. Only after you recognize you have disobeyed God and that Jesus has paid the penalty for your disobedience, do you become a child of God. Before that you are on object of God's wrath.

"All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our sinful nature and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature object of wrath." - Ephesians 2:3

These are the two groups of humanity. Objects of God's wrath and children of God.

Monday, February 25, 2008 8:49:00 PM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Hello again anonymous:

It is easy and quick to list verses and say they support your premise. However, I've been providing all the indepth commentary on the verses you've bought up. It is your turn to show the Bible says what you say it says. You've said:

"God also seems to feel that it can sometimes be better to terminate a pregnancy than to allow it to continue into a grim life...Ecclesiastes 6:3-5, Ecclesiastes 4:1-3, Job 3:2-4 & 11-19, Job 10:18-19. Those verses could be used to prove that the Bible supports ending a pregnancy that would lead to a life lacking quality."

I disagree. You say yes, I say no. You say they could be used to prove the Bible supports ending a pregnancy. Please go ahead and use them to provide that proof. Do so in the context of the chapter they are in, the context of the book they are in, and the context of the Bible... which tells us that we live in a fallen world.

I'm lookng forward to hearing your thoughts. If you'd like I'd be happy to make what you write a new post in our blog that does Bible commentary. That way our subscribers will automatically get a copy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 6:00:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whaa?! Your challenges to me are ridiculous.

You’ve missed my point entirely. My point being that the Bible CANNOT be used to support ending a pregnancy OR to condemn abortion. Here is what I said in my summation:
"We can take a verse or two from the Bible to support any point of view, but the Bible doesn’t take a stand on abortion at all. Whether the Bible is the inspired word of God or just a collection of stories written by men, it cannot be used to support or condemn abortion rights."

Again, my point is (and I’ll try to make it a little clearer) that those verses taken OUT OF CONTEXT could be used by an intellectually dishonest person to prove that the Bible supports ending a pregnancy. But anyone who’s read the entire Bible knows that there is no Biblical support of abortion.

You are correct. Those verses, taken in context, do not prove a Biblical support of abortion. And so your challenge to me to use those verses in context to prove the Bible supports abortion is ridiculous. I can’t. And wouldn’t ever try to. That’s my point!

My goodness. Maybe you are actually crazy. Your scary “sarcasm” speaks volumes.

The point of the ffrf.org article is also that "The bible is neither antiabortion nor pro-life.”

Yes, why don’t we “slow down and think about what Anne Nicol Gaylor has actually said.” (quoting you)

What she actually said was NOT what you state she said. She is not promoting abortion or the killing of children. Why are you trying to put words in her mouth?

I quote you here:
“She is saying that because there are examples in the Bible in which children are killed, we should then allow children to be killed by abortion today. There is nothing in the Bible that prohibits that and the examples in the Bible show it being done.”

She never said that. She was not using those verses to support abortion. Those verses were used to show that the Bible does not always demonstrate a pro-life attitude. The point of her entire article is that the Bible CANNOT be used either to condemn OR to support abortion. In that article she says:
"The teachings and contradictions of the bible show that antiabortionists do not have a "scriptural base" for their claim that their deity is "pro-life."
and, in the full text of her article which can be seen here http://ffrf.org/nontracts/abortion.php, she says:
"The bible is neither antiabortion nor pro-life"

You also say:
“Let's think about what she is saying a little more. Why should we limit the killing of babies to children in the womb? If someone has a problem two-year old, the parents should be able to kill that child. The line of reasoning she presents supports this.
Where do we stop?? This is absurd!!!”

Yes! It IS absurd. And your inventing her line of reasoning is absurd. She said nothing of the sort. I’m dumbfounded by your twisted logic...or lack of.

Her line of reasoning does not support parents killing problem children. How can you comment on her line of reasoning when you don't even seem to understand what her point is.

I have to get on the Bible verse bandwagon and offer this for thought. God's line of reasoning DOES support parents killing problem children (Leviticus 20:9, Matthew 15:4)

It’s obvious that Bible verses should not be thrown around out of context as proofs to fit our own beliefs. That’s why I posted in the first place. It was your use of that verse from Jeremiah that got my attention. I thought it was a poor choice. You seem to be using it as an example of God’s disapproval of the killing of children. But it’s confusing because He says killing children is a horrible deed and claims He’s never commanded it, but by that point in Biblical history he certainly had made that very command...more than once.

I almost forgot. Your scripture explanations made no sense.
For instance:
Exodus 21:22-25
You explain that it’s not murder if two men are fighting and a pregnant woman, who is not involved in the fighting, is accidentally hit and the result is the death of the baby. I agree. In Exodus 21 it says that it is NOT murder if the baby dies.

You don’t explain why God DOES consider it murder if the woman dies. You ignore the passage that deals with “serious injury.” It says that it IS murder if the woman dies. It clearly states that the death of the baby is not a “serious injury.” But if the woman dies, under the SAME circumstances, it IS murder...a “serious injury”...and the punishment is life for life.

I don’t point this out as a defense of abortion, but as an example of God’s inconsistent view of unborn children...and as an example of how you ignored this half of the passage.

Well, all the best to you. I've wasted enough time here trying to untwist what you've twisted.

Thursday, February 28, 2008 6:06:00 PM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Hello anonymous:

Well, at least you responded to one verse.

You keep claiming the Bible says (or does not say) something, but you never backup what you say by actually examing a verse or two.

You stated: "God also seems to feel that it can sometimes be better to terminate a pregnancy than to allow it to continue into a grim life...Ecclesiastes 6:3-5, Ecclesiastes 4:1-3, Job 3:2-4 & 11-19, Job 10:18-19. Those verses could be used to prove that the Bible supports ending a pregnancy that would lead to a life lacking quality."

Yet you are unwilling to actually examinethose verses and and provide the prove you say exists.

You did say something about Exodus 21:22-25. Here is what 21:22 says (NASB). Pay close attention to exactly what is said, and who is injured.

"If men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she gives birth prematurely, yet there is no injury, he shall be fined as the woman's husband may demand of him, and he shall pay as the judges decide."

Who is injured or not injured? You are the one demanding that scripture be read carefully, as is the correct thing to do. Read the verse very carefully.

I you reading this with a bias that says a baby is not a person?

Who this talking about being injured or not injured?

Could it be the baby?

Could it be both the mother and the baby?

Babies are born prematurely and live just fine. If the baby is born prematurely and there is no injury to the baby or mother, then a fine is levied.

If the baby or mother is injured, a just penalty must be paid. If the baby or mother are killed, then the penalty is death.

Verse 21:23 says, "But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life."

If there is any further injury is not being limited in any way. Ifthe injury is to the mother or the baby, then there is a penalty.

Right here in these verses the Bible says what you claim it does not say, that abortion (killing a baby) is wrong andthe penalty is death... the same as it is for killing the mother.

You keep claiming I am taking scripture out of context. What then, is the correct context? You are free to explain in detail any verse you wish.

You make claims about what the Bible says, but have not yet backed up one of your claims. Stop blustering and examine scripture and tell us about the "correct" context.

BTW, I understand what Anne Nicol Gaylor is trying to say.. that because the Bible describes God killing babies, we can not claim scripture supports abortion as murder. But what she wrote totally misses that objective--she hasn't read what the scripture she references actually says. The point is that what she intends to say, and the message she delivers (based on the scriptures she has selected) are two different things.

However, you have said that Ecclesiastes 6:3-5, Ecclesiastes 4:1-3, Job 3:2-4 & 11-19, Job 10:18-19 could be used to prove that the Bible supports ending a pregnancy that would lead to a life lacking quality. Please explain how any ofthese verses says that.

Thursday, February 28, 2008 8:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read what the Bible says, anonymous. Anne Nicol Gaylor certainly has not done that.

Psalm 137:9 is describing a historical event, not God killing babies. In 2 Kings 2:23-24 no one is killed. Exodus 12:29 was not a slaugter of children. The term "first born" does not mean babies, it means what it says, the "first born". Even if that person is 80 years old they are still the first born. God brought justice to all the first born of Egypt.

She is either intentionally trying to deceive or has not read the verses she is referencing. I believe it is the latter. She doesn't know what she is talking about.

Friday, February 29, 2008 4:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesi, you are a sick foul mouth mongrel of the human race. Your so-called knowledge of the bible is pathetic at best. You need to shut your stooooopid pie hole.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010 10:34:00 AM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

This latest post is from a different "anonymous". Notice that the date is two years later than the original series of posts. I'd also note that in my experience what we accuse others of during are the sins we most often commit ourselves. (In this case a pathetic knowledge of the Bible, for starters.)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010 6:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brick, you must be related to jesi because you don't have a clue what you are talking about and you don't know jack about me. I do, however, realize you are most certainly a christian. You spew your hateful ignorant idiotic babble just as they all do. You are the ONE who has no knowledge whatsoever about the Holy Babble or the controls freaks who wrote it. I may not buy into your demented doctrines and it never fails on these blogs to have imbeciles like sleazy jesi using the crudest and most foul words to show what 'godly' person she is. Her writings are not only those of am imbecile but also those of a gutter tramp. She is indeed in the likeness of the god she serves and her words prove it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 7:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a 'jew' and never was. Those people are the Hyksos cult that invaded Northern Egypt and ruled there as Shepherd King Pharoahs until the Southern portion of Egypt finally gained enough strength to run them out. They were the most evil, brutal and vile cons this world has ever known and not one thing has changed. Everything written about their so-called cosmology is a lie. Most Rabbis are pedophiles and here is a link with names of Rabbis who have been charged and convicted of raping children. They make the perverted RC priests look like choir boys. Zionists jews are crooks, liars and murderers and always have been. The OTs concocted tribal god was a cruel bloodthirsy savage and if he lived today, hopefully he would be put before a firing squad. Moses and Joshua would be convicted of the most atrocious of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including child rape and murder. Moses was none other that the wicked high priest of the lunatic Pharoah Akhenaten and it has been proven for many years now and if the full contents of the dead sea scrolls are ever released you people will be in for a great surprise. Do a search on 'Bible Patriarchs and Hyksos Shepherd Kings' and try to learn a thing or two. Saul of Tarsus was the con who invented christianity and the zionists jews have used you simple minded fools ever since. They are the chosen people but not of the Creator God of this world. They have always served a spirit of pure evil but you have been taught to love them and pray for them and send them your money. Christianity is but another form of zionism and it is people like you insane dullards who keep this world in the sad shape it is in with holy wars and following doctrines of men who were among the most evil and cunning you could imagine. Read the Talmud sometime and see what these devils think of all non-jews. You should have sense enough to see it in that sorry book you pound on.

Over half of all abortion clinics in this nation are owned by jews and the sale of aborted baby parts is a trillion dollar a year industry. Follow the money you idiotic fools. I guess your gods are sitting in heaven picking their noses and scratching their nasty butts while they watch millions of helpless babies die for greed and watch millions of other innocent children being raped and brutally murdered at the hands of gods chosen ones, including christian clergy. The bible always repeats it's history by those who are stupid enough to follow the creed.

The first priest was a cunning man who met a fool.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 11:34:00 AM  

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