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Creation vs Evolution Debate (Comments)

A person who calls himself TVL left a comment on a June 2006 post about Creation vs. Evolution Debate vidos. In my response I said that I would post photographs of ancient art that shows humans and dinosaurs together. All it would take is one piece of art, from 1000 years ago, showing a dinosaur and that would be proof that humans and dinosaurs lived together. But there is much more than just one, there are hundreds.

The art does not even have to show people and dinosaurs together, because:

1. Obviuosly there was a person there, because the person made the art.

2. If the art shows an accurate representation of a dinosaur (which it does), there is no other way for the artist to know what a dinosaur looked like unless he saw one, live and in-person. Ancient people did not dig bones out of the ground and try to assemble them into skeltons.

There is not just one or two paintings and carvings showing dinosaurs, there are thousands from many different cultures around they world. They show many different types of dinosaurs, and they show them correctly. That's something we have not always been able to do. For example, for many decades the brontosaurous was considered the largest dinosaur. But, scientists had the wrong head on this dinosaur. That mistake was recently corrected. However, ancient art unearthed nearly 100 years ago shows this dinosaur with the correct head.

What is shown in this post are two ica stones from Peru. The one above shows two people fighting with a dinosaur. The one in front of the dinosaur is attacking it with a spear. There is also a person behindthe dinosaur attacking it with an ax. This carving was made about 1000 years ago and buried as a part of a funeral.

Here is a second ica stone, also about 1000 years old, that clearly shows a different type of dinosaur.

In addition to ica stones, there is other art such as: a carving of a dinosaur in a Cambodian temple; Native America rock petrogliphs showing dinosaurs; tapistries showing dinosaurs; there is even a book from 16th century Europe, that catalogs all the animals existing at the time in Europe... and the catalog includes dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are even mentioned about 40 times in the Bible.

To see ancient art showing dinosaurs visit:
This web site does not show very good web design skills, but it does have very good pictures.

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Blogger Jake said...

That's total bull squeeze. To get a rational persective on Christianity and paleontology visit this site: Have fun!

Monday, December 22, 2008 2:47:00 PM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Jake, thank you for your comment.

Here are the opening sentences from the Answers In Creation web site. They summarize the worldview being supported there:

"Welcome to Answers In Creation, a creation science ministry believing in an inerrant Word of God, a literal interpretation of Genesis, and a billions of years old earth."

"Did you know that you can be a conservative Christian, and believe that our world is billions of years old? You can even believe in evolution and be a Christian. There is no conflict between modern science and the Bible."

The problem with this is that evolution and the Bible are totally at odds with each other. Yes, it is true you can be a Christian and believe the world is billions of years old. It is belief in salvation through Jesus Christ alone that makes a person a Christian, not belief in a young earth.

In my quick look at this site the only link I saw related to ancient art was one called "Imagining Dinosaurs in Cambodia." I read that article and what I found was a faith in science. For example, the article assumes that we know exactly what a stegosaurs looked like. The truth is no one alive today has actually see a stegosaurus. We have the bones but no one has seen the soft tissue that was on those bones. The truth is, as living examples of animals that were supposed to be extinct have been discovered, time after time science has been proven wrong in their depiction of "extinct" animals. They couldn't even get the right head on my favorite dinosaur, the brontosaur. (It turns out the brontosaur never existed, scientists got it wrong.)

Science gets things wrong all the time. On the other hand the Bible is never wrong. Even when secularists have tried to prove the Bible wrong--and they've been trying real hard for 2,000 years--they've not been able to do it.

That brings us to the big problem. If you say evoltion is true and the earth is billions of years old, what IN FACT you are saying is that the Bible is not true, Jesus is a liar and Christianity is a false religion.

Jesus talked about many of the events in Genesis as being real events, just as they are described. For example,

Evolution requires that the earth be billions of years old so as to allow time for evolution. Evolution states that the fossil record was laid down over billions of years. This means that Noah's flood never happened. There would need to be evidence of such a flood on top of the fossil record that shows dinosaurs. But there is no such evidence. That means, if you believe in evolution you must believe there was not actually a world-wide flood.

A world-wide flood could not happen without leaving evidence everywhere. The truth is that we see that evidence in the billions of dead things (fossils) buried in layers of sediment around the world. But evolution denies that scientific evidence.

So what did Jesus say about the flood?

Here are Jesus' words in Matthew 24:38 & 39:

"For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark, and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away."

Jesus spoke about the flood as real event. It was a flood that took all the people away. It was a flood that required an ark to provide salvation (instead of just walking to higher ground). Trying to call it a local flood does not fit what the Bible describes. So if you say there was no world-wide flood, you are calling Jesus a liar. If Jesus is a liar he is a sinner, and can not be our savior... and this makes Christianity a false religion.

Evolution and the Bible are not compatible.

We are creating a series of DVD videos on this subject. The first shows ancient art that depicts dinosaurs. It is called "Men And Dinosaurs". It is available free from Mission to America and may be freely copied and given to others.

Our second video, Dinosaurs and the Bible shows how evolution aand the Bible are not compatible. It should be available by the end of 2009 and it is also available free and may also be freely copied and shared.

To get a copy write to:
Mission To America
P.O. Box 974
Tualatin, OR 97062

DVDS are sent out as money is available to send them.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 5:29:00 AM  
Blogger BrickBalloon said...

Opps, there is a typo in my post. It should be Brontosaurus.

By the way, the type of dinosaur that was originally called a brontosaurus is now called an Apatosaurus.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 5:34:00 AM  

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