Saturday, March 08, 2008

It Makes No Sense

I don't understand. Progressives (liberals) say they are for helping people. They say they want the sick to be healed. They say they want the hungry to be fed. They say they want the homeless to have a place to stay. They say they want justice for the downtrodden. They say they want the innocent and helpless to be murdered. What??? They say they care, but they see no problem with killing innocent babies, if the baby is inconvenient for the mother.

"The level of a society's civilization can best be determined by how it treats the least fortunate, the unwanted, the downtrodden and the unprotected. Because no group is more vulnerable, more unprotected than the unborn, no issue better defines or expresses the broad and complex dimensions of the Culture War better than abortion." - W.A. Borst, Ph.D.

Yes, there is a culture war and the victims are the children. One million children killed every year in the U.S. alone.

How can progressives (liberals) allow this slaughter? It does not make sense.

It is a medical fact that a baby is a person from the moment of conception. A separate, living person with their own unique DNA. This is no longer a question. So how can anyone say that killing another person is acceptable, just because that person can not speak for themselves, or care for themselves?

Should we not at least error on the side of caution? Instead of wantonly killing babies, should we not strive to save lives? Why do progressives (liberals) so favor killing, instead of adopting? Why do they so favor death, instead of life? Why do they care so little about pre-born children? It doesn't make sense.



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