Monday, March 23, 2009

Truth, Lies and Propaganda

A good web site to know well is:

Propaganda techniques are one of the major weapons used against Christianity and the truth.

Barney Frank referred to Justice Scalia as a 'homophobe' in interview (AP). What he is doing is using a common propaganda technique known as name calling. It sounds like something little kids do on the playground, and it is. But when it is used by a U.S. Representative, whom we assume has some maturity and intelligence, then it is a straight forward use of propaganda.

Propaganda has been a key weapon commonly used by the dictators, fascists, communists and the liberal left*. The liberal left has used it politically, culturally and theologically. It is an easy weapon to use when you don't care about truth, or care about other people, but care only about achieving your objectives. What's great about this weapon is that you can assert something that is known to be false (based on the facts), but facts are not important. If you repeat your propaganda enough times it will be believed.

This is how evolution and Darwism has come to dominate and be the only allowed viewpoint. Not through the power of scientific facts... there are none. But through the power of continual and repeated assertion, as well as the use of other propaganda techniques. (Such as bandwangon, fear and bad logic.) This is how moral corruption has been creeping into our culture for the past 50 years. This is how theological corruption has destroyed many of our good churches.

Propaganda techniques. Learn about them. Recognize them when they are being used against you.

*I've used an example of "name calling" here.

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I run a Christian blog called "The Theological Round Table".

I conduct a blog to engage in and grow Internet Evangelism. I would like you to consider linking your site to mine. If I link to you, will you link to me?
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As I look through your blog, I believe I feel similar to you in many aspects of our day...

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