Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ardipithecus ramidus - The New Myth Of Science

For the past month the "big news" in science has been Ardipithecus ramidus, the latest fossil find in mankind's evolutionary background. Evolutionists are a-glow with satisfaction! There's "more" "hard" evidence that proves evolution is true.

But what did they actually find 15 years ago?

A lot of crushed bones. How do you put a crushed skull together the right way when you don't know how the originally looked? You take a guess at what you think is the right way, put the skull together, then compare it with what you want the skull to look like. When the skull looks like an early hominin, you declare that it is now correct. In this case it only took ten attempts to get the skull looking they way they wanted it to look.

What's next? Declare that the skull looks like any early hominin and announce you've discovered one of the earliest hominins and the "find of the century."

By the way, don't assume a complete skull was assembled from the collection of crushed bone. What they have is a partial skull assembled from fragments.

The pelvis helps determine whether the original creature walked upright or like a monkey. In this case it took 15 tries to get the pelvis looking like it walked upright. Then, of course, you announce that the scientific evidence shows it walked upright.

What kind of science is this?

By the way, another announcement this week took revealed that Archaeopteryx, a supposed early link between dinosaurs and birds, has been determined to be fully a... dinosaur. A scientific, microscopic examination showed that this long heralded fossil is not a link between birds and dinosaurs.

The belief that evolution is true depends on ignorance. They are counting on you not knowing the facts. Trust the one book that has never changed, and has never been shown to be false -- even after thousands of years of efforts to do so. Trust the word of an eye-witness. Trust the word of the one who was there when everything was created. Trust God's word.

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