Sunday, October 25, 2009

Government and Global Warming

What are we treating our government like?

As though it was our savior.

Is t the role of government to save us from global warming?

Of course we first need to ask whether global warming is real. Science Magazine reports that global warming stopped ten years ago (October 2, 2009 - page 28). But don't worry, they say, of course it will resume increasing in a year or two. But the current scientific evidence shows there is no global warming.

From a Biblical view does global warming make sense? Yes, it does. Following the flood what would naturally happen is a very cold period (ice ages) followed by warming. We're still in that warming period

So who is responsible for dealing with this? God assigned that responsibility in the Garden of Eden. It is our responsibility to care for the environment. It is also our responsibility to read God's word and use His word to guide our actions.

Our world was once much warmer. It will once again be much warmer. Our stopping the burning of fossil fuels will not make any difference, except to hurt people, cause hunger, and make people poorer - expect for those in power. Yes, we need to be taking care of the environment, but turning to the government as our savior is turning to the wrong savior.

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