Thursday, November 12, 2009

After 150 Years Evolution Is Facing A Crisis - #9

Because of both the lack of evidence supporting evolution, and the rapidly growing evidence supporting creation, Darwinian evolution is in a crisis. It has become a dogma that is mainly supported through suppression of dissenting voices. Here are some dissenting voices, scientists who are not creationists:

"The evolution of the animal and plant world is considered by all those entitled to judgment to be a fact for which no further proof is needed. But in spite of nearly a century of work and discussion there is still no unanimity in regard to the details of the means of evolution." - Richard Goldschmidt, "Evolution as Viewed by One Genetist," in American Scientist, Vol 409, January 1952, page 84.

"It is not the duty of science to defend the theory of evolution, and stick by it to the bitter end, no matter which illogical and unsupported conclusions it offers. On the contrary, it is expected that scientists recognize the patently obvious impossibility of Darwin's pronouncements and predictions... Let's cut the umbilical cord that tied us down to Darwin for such a long time. It is choking us and holding us back." - L.L. Cohen, Darwin Was Wrong: A Study In Probabilities (1985)

My source for these quotes is the Evolution Handbook. A 992 page paperback that is full of facts about evolution that most people are not aware of. See yesterday's post to get a copy of this book at a discount.

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