Friday, November 20, 2009

A Common Evolution Switch-A-Roo - #17

When talking to an evolutionists, watch out for the big switch-a-roo. They like to talk about "evolution" (or natural selection) on the micro-evolution scale. This is something that is true and which can be observed. For example, it is why we have many different types of dogs - from German Shepherds to poodles. Life does change. But the type of life never changes. We have many types of dogs, but they are still dogs. They have not changed into something else.

But then, while still using the term "evolution" the conversation switches to be about one type of life changing into another type of life. It is assumed that if dogs can change such that there are many types of dogs, then one type of life can change to become another type of life -- something that has never been observed.

"The facts of microevolution [change within the species] do not suffice for an understanding of macroevolution [theorized change from one species to another]." - Richard Goldschmidt, Material Basis of Evolution (1940).

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