Friday, November 06, 2009

Continuing the Celebration Of Origin of Species #3

The first quote today comes from H. Lipson. It is from an article published in the Physics Bulletin 31, 1980, page 138. The article has the title: A Physicist Looks At Evolution"

"To my mind, the theory does not stand up at all."

The next quote is from P.P. Grasse, Evolution Of Living Organisms (1977) page 31:

"From the almost total absence of fossil evidence relative to the origin of the phyla, it follows that any explanation of the mechanism in the creative evolution of the fundamental structural plans is heavily burdened with hypothesis. This should appear as an epigraph to every book on evolution. The lack of direct evidence leads to the formulation of pure conjecture as to the genesis of the phyla; we do not even have a basis to determine the extent to which these opinions are correct."

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