Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fundamental Truths About Evolution - #16

Evolution is not providing answers. Evolution is not proven. It is not a theory nor even a hypothesis. It is just an idea with no supporting facts to sustain it.

"Fundamental truths about evolution have so far eluded us all, and that uncritical acceptance of Darwinism may be counterproductive as well as expedient. Far from ignoring or ridiculing the ground-swell of opposition to Darwinism that is growing, for example, in the United States, we should welcome it as an opportunity to reexamine our sacred cow more closely." - B. Storehouse, "Introduction," in Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution (1984), page 12.

"All in all, evolution remains almost as much of a puzzle as it was before Darwin advanced his thesis. Natural selection explains a small part of what occurs: the bulk remains unexplained. Darwinism is not so much a theory, as a sub-section of some theory as yet unformulated." - G.R. Taylor, Great Evolution Mystery (1983), pages 232-233.

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