Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let's Check The Encyclopedia - #7

Here is what the Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 18 (15th Edition, 1974) page said. This was writen by S. Toulmin in the section called "Science, Philosophy of,"

"It seems to me astronomy has proven that forces are at work in the world that are beyond the present power of scientific description; these are literally supernatural forces, because they are outside the body of natural law."

One of the problems of Darwinism is that it does not explain where the "natural laws" came from. Why does everything conform to a very precise set of natural laws that just "happen" to be perfect for life to exist on earth? The Bible tells us that God is upholding the universe--that God is the source of the "natural laws."

Here is another quote:

"The theory of evolution suffers from grave defects, which are more and more apparent as time advances. It can no longer square with practical scientific knowledge." -- Albert Fleishman, zoologist

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