Monday, November 16, 2009

No Evidence Supporting Evolution - #13

I'm losing track of who I've quoted, please excuse me if I repeat myself. There are so many good quotes there is no reason to repeat them. Here are two more from scientists who do not believe in creation:

"We still do not know the mechanics of evolution in spite of the over-confident claims in some quarters, nor are we likely to make further progress in this by the classical methods of paleontology or biology." - Errol White, Proceedings of the Linnean Society, London 177:8 (1988).

"Unfortunately, in the field of evolution most explanations are not good. As a matter of fact, they hardly qualify as explanations at all; they are suggestions, hunches, pipe dreams, hardly worthy of being called hypotheses." - Norman Macbeth, Darwin Retried (1971), page 147.

That's right I'm not perfect and may repeat a quotation, but God is perfect and we have is perfect Word. He tells us, in very plain language, that He created us. Not only that, He created us in His image. That means we are accountable to God and He has the right to judge us. And he has the right to pour out His wrath on us.

By the way, when we say we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ (his having paid the penalty we owe for breaking God's law), what or who have we been saved from?

We have been saved from God. We have been saved from judgment which will find us guilty (because we have broken God's law) and thus condemn us to God's eternal wrath as our just punishment. This is what those who believe in evolution are trying to avoid... and even avoid thinking about. But it can not be avoided.

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