Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Scientists Say There Is No Global Warming

Last week I wrote a post about global warming. I though I was done writing about government, but there one more peace of information I'd like to add. Based on what you hear on the news you'd think that every scientists agreed that global warming existed, and we need to do something about it. But that's not true. For example, over 31,000 scientists have signed a petition stating that there is no convincing evidence that human activities that release greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) are causing heating of the earth's atmosphere or climate change.

You'll find the petition here: scientists reject global warming.

Another good web site about global warming was put online by an Oregon State professor. It is available at: global warming.

If scientists do not agree about global warming, why is the government working so hard to get agreement that something must be done? Because it's not about global warming. What government is looking for are crisis they "save" us from. This is what happens when the people get lazy and turn away from their responsibilities. When people turn away from God given responsibilities. They bellow for the government to step it, which it is more than willing to do, putting more power into the hands of those in control. The result is a lose of freedom and increase in tyranny.

The roles for government and people, as described by God in scripture, result in the maximum freedom and good for all. When we reject that, and turn to the government for salvation, you can count on tyranny and suffering to soon follow.

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