Friday, December 25, 2009

Laws Of Logic Show God Exists - The God Of The Bible

Where do the laws of logic come from? The law of non-contradiction, for example. Can there be two contradictory claims that are both true? How do you know this law of logic to be true? From your experience? But your experience is very limited... you have not been everywhere in the universe. You don't know everything. Possibly, at some other location in the universe it is possible for two opposites to be true and the law of contradiction does not apply.

The laws of logic only make sense in a Christian world-view, not in a universe in which everything came about because of random chance (evolution). The laws of logic are a reflection of the way God thinks. We know how He thinks because He has told us in the Bible. For example, the law of non-contradiction comes from God's self-consistent nature. And since God is constantly upholding the universe (Hebrews 1:3), a Christian knows that the law of non-contradiction applies throughout the universe... everywhere. A Biblical Christian has a basis for knowing the laws of logic are real and true. No one else can say that... and in fact any argument attempting to justify belief in the laws of logic will be based on Biblical principles.

A good book to read on this is "The Ultimate Proof Of Creation" by Dr. Jason Lisle

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Your Truth Is Your Truth... I have My Own Truth

Can we each have our own truth, and live in "tolerance" of the truths others have? Michael Novak, winner of the 1994 Templeton Prize, says that this attitude is the foundational problem of our day. He wrote:

"One principle that today's intellectuals most passionately disseminate is vulgar relativism. "nihilism with a happy face." For them it is certain that there is no truth, only opinion: my opinion, your opinion. They abandon the defense of the intellect... Those who surrender the domain of the intellect make straight the road to fascism. Totalitarianism... is the will-to-power unchecked by any regard for truth. To surrender the claims of truth upon humans is to surrender Earth to thugs... Vulgar relativism is an invisible gas, odorless, deadly, that is now polluting every free society on earth. It is a gas that attacks the central nervous system of moral striving..."

"There is no such things as truth," they teach even the little ones. "Truth is bondage. Believe what seems right to you. There are as many truths as there are individuals. Follow your feelings. Do as you please. Get in touch with yourself..." Those who speak this way prepare the jails of the 21st century. They do the work of tyrants."

The above, taking about postmodernism, is quoted from the book "Spirital Warriars" by Stu Weber, pages 209 & 210. He follows this quote by stating:

"Postmodernism is the inevitable and bottomless bit to which human self-centeredness naturally descends. The Old Testament describes this formula for chaos in the book of Judges, where we are told that 'everyone did what was right in his own eyes' (Judges 21.25)"