Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fools, Fools and More Fools

They are assembling in Copenhagen and the word is that an agreement is just about in hand. To read the descriptions it sounds like a great convocation of government's to establish world peace.. or something equally momentous.

More than 100 heads of state and government have said they will attend the last day or two, making Copenhagen the largest and most important summit ever held on climate.

"Never in the 17 years of climate negotiations have so many different nations made so many firm pledges together," de Boer said. "It's simply unprecedented."

Some were arriving to the summit on trains splashed with a green stripe to symbolize efforts to reduce the convention's carbon footprint. One train carried 450 U.N. officials, delegates, climate activists and journalists from Brussels and more trains were leaving from other European capitals."

I conversations I've been having for the past two weeks I've been saying that the truth doesn't matter. Man-caused global warming has been disclosed as a fraud, but that makes no difference. You think your government exists to serve and protect you... ha! ha! ha!

When the global warming emails came out, conservatives were saying the Copenhagen conference was dead. The truth had been revealed! Common sense would prevail and the world would finally back away from the starvation, disease, and poverty that was about to be unleashed by efforts to control man-made "global warming."

Her is a clue. When things are not making sense, it's a spiritual battle. We are not engaged in a battle of reason and logic. We are not engage in a battle of common sense and truth. It is a spiritual battle in which lies, deception and blindness are the powerful weapons of the enemy. It is a battle that cannot be won with human reason or strength. It is a battle that can only be won by the word of God.

Are you in the word? Are you living the word? Are you obeying the word? Are you in the battle... yes you are whether you want to be or not. So what are you going to do?

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Satan In America

How does Satan operate? His goal is to prevent as many people as possible from joining Jesus Chris in heaven. What techniques does he use? A book called "10 Things Satan Doesn't Want You To Know" as a good description:

"He [Satan] is a master counterfeiter, and he is trying to promote something that is similar, not dissimilar, to the plan and will of God. Satan, with all of his intelligence and long experience, knows that if he puts something which is clearly evil in the path of a Christian, he is apt to be alert to the fact that this comes from Satan and as a consequence be on guard against it. But if Satan can offer something which though good in itself is not the best, he will be more likely to gain the victory over the believer."

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Friday, April 20, 2007

What Is The Answer? Evangelism

In the Bible read 1 Corinthians chapter 5. What does God say we should do when someone is an unrepentant sinner?

"Then you must cast this man out of the church and into Satan's hands, so that his sinful nature will be destroyed and he himself will be saved when the Lord returns."

Unrepentant sinners are turned over to Satan! That is what God also does with unrepentant nations, turns them over to Satan by withdrawing His blessing. For example, we see this throughout the Book of Judges. Israel turns away from God, and God then withdraws from Israel. Without the full extent of God's blessing Israel suffers. Things get so bad they then realize what they have done and they turn back to God... resulting in God's blessing being on them again.

Could this be what is happening in America now? I think so. We've been steadily turning away from God. We been steadily embracing sin... even celebrating sin just as the Corinthian church was doing!! So how is God going to react? Since we as a nation are turning away from Him, He will let us experience what it is like to be without Him.

I read somewhere that America has more violent weather... more natural disasters than any other country. We survive them better than other countries because of our wealth (strong buildings, flood control dams, advance warning of severe weather, etc.), but we are still getting hit pretty hard. Some people have taken what they see happening as one sign that the end times are near. I can't say whether this is true or not because no one knows when Jesus will return. But it seems to me that what we are seeing is God withdrawing His blessing from America and America embracing this withdrawal by diving deeper into sin.

What can we do? We can be active politically. We can support organizations that oppose abortion and homosexual marriage. But I think that is only putting and band aid on the symptom. Yes, we should be doing these things, but the #1 priority in our lives needs to be sharing the Gospel. That is what will change America.

I can hear some non-Christians saying that what I am proposing is to sell people on Christianity so we can increase our numbers and take over the country. There is a fundamental flaw with that strategy. We can not "sell" someone on being a Christian. All we can do is to help people see their need for a Savior and give them the good news. Only God "makes" someone a Christian.

All we can do is help people see that they have lied, stolen and used God's name inappropriately (blasphemy), breaking God's law. (Those are just three of the 10 Commandments.) Because you have broken God's law you owe the penalty for breaking God's law... death. But the GOOD NEWS is that Jesus Christ has already paid that penalty for you. He has died to pay the penalty YOU owe for breaking God's law. It's a free gift... all you need to do is to accept that gift.

Christians, please, go out and share the Good News. There is no better way to love someone.

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