Friday, November 09, 2007

What The Bible Says About Homosexuality

We have added a new resource to our web site. A message by Pastor Rick Elzinga called "What The Bible Says About Homosexuality". This is one of the most loving, and best messages about homosexuality that I've heard. It looks at the historical context and examine scripture to help us understand the truth about what the Bible really says.

Pastor Elzinga remains true to scripture and follows Jesus' loving example.

If you've listened to this message, please feel free to comment about it on this post.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Visiting A United Methodst Church

For the past two Sundays I was able to attend services at a United Methodist Church in Massachusetts. I am sad to report that the only Biblical words I can remember hearing are the words of the old hymns we sang.

I wasn't sure whether to post articles about my experiences here, as a commentary on "Christianity" in America, or to post them in our Bible commentary blog. Either one is appropriate. I chose the Bible Commentary blog because the root of the problem is in how the Bible is interpreted.

The pastor of the United Methodist Church, and some of the members, told me that understanding what the Bible says had to be based on church tradition and our current culture. Since we live in a different culture than existed in Biblical times, we need to understand the Bible differently than how it was applied in the first century.

I invite you to visit our Bible Commentary blog and read about A Visit To A United Methodist Church. So far there are four posts, beginning on September 5, 2007. I expect there will be 10-12 posts by the time I've finished describing everything.

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