Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Biblical Role Of Government

What is the Biblical role of government? What should government be doing and what should it not be doing?

First we need to keep in mind the all government authority comes from God. (Romans 13:1)

Based on the Bible, here is what government is responsible for:

National Security
Restrain Evil
Protect the Innocent
Preserve Truth (ie. standards for weights and measurement, protect against fraud)
Protect Personal Property

So what about the church? What is the church's responsibility?

Spiritual Authority
Teach the Word
Fellowship of Believers (to encourage and point people to the right path)
Welfare (take care of the poor and needy)
Correct and Admonish
Judging (see Ezra for example)
Hold Leaders Accountable (includes a prophetic role)

How is our government doing? Are they protecting the innocent (the unborn for example)? Do our various state governments work to restrain evil (disobeying God) or encourage evil? Does our government protect personal property or take personal property and redistribute it to others?

How is the church doing? Does the church take care of the needy? Does the church correct and admonish? Does the church hold our leaders accountable?

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