Saturday, June 06, 2009

How Does God Treat Nations?

I have a question for you... Does God's interaction with the nation of Israel in the Old Testament reflect how He interacts with nation's today?

How does God use nations? God blessed Israel when they turned to Him and he withdrew His blessing when they turned away. Actually He did more than withdraw His blessing, He punished Israel. He brought drought, insects, enemies and exile to punish the nation of Israel. National punishment hurt both those who still lived in obedience to God and those who had turned away.

What does God do with nations today? The Bible tells us that all governments are from God. Does that mean that governments are tools He uses to teach us? Tools He uses to drive us to Him?

In America we have replaced God with government. It is now government we turn to for salvation. Not salvation from sin, but salvation from anything and everything else. But the more we turn to government to save us, the greater our problems. Don't we know history? For each problem government "solves" they create the foundation for three or four new problems that will become the next big crisis... which of course the government is then called on to solve.

Turning to the government for salvation brings nothing but increased misery. Maybe this is what God is teaching us. It's the same thing He was teaching Israel in the Old Testament. Trust God. Turn to God. Obey God. He is our creator. He made us. He knows us. He loves us. Trust Him.

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