Sunday, August 02, 2009

Is America Under God's Wrath Now?

There is an excellent sermon by John McArthur on this subject. You can read or download it from this page:

What's Wrong With America?

This message points out that what we are seeing in America is as described in Romans 1. We should not be expecting God's wrath on America at some time in the future because of all the evil that is going on now, but the evil we see going on now is because America is already under God's wrath.

I agree with this assessment. It makes sense. A country that turns away from God, as America has done, finds that God's blessings are withdrawn. That in tern leads to further decline and a greater level of God's wrath (withdrawal of blessing). This continues in a downward spiral until people become so revolted and sickened by the depths of depravity that they cry out to God to save them.

Are you crying out to God to save America? Are you sharing the gospel? That's the only way that masses of people will cry out to God. If you do as God has commanded you. Go out and share the gospel. Tell people the good news, so that they too may become children of God and cry to God to save His children from evil.

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