Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Not Socialism, But A New Life As A Serf

Continuing on yesterday's post...

Congressman Mike Pence said today that it is now clear the health care bill "is not about health care, but about changing the fundamental relationship between Americans and their government." In short, it will mean serfdom, as Americans will be made entirely dependent on federal bureaucrats for allocation of health care. Yes, this means "death panels" and the rest of it. Senior citizens will take the brunt of the "savings" that will be mandated, including $500 billion in designated cuts in Medicare. A study by Price Waterhouse Cooper estimates that the average family will have to pay $4,000 more for insurance by 2019, and individuals another $1,500.

The above is from a Front Line Alert from: Coral Ridge Ministries

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You Have The Power Of Life and Death

"They sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons
They shed innocent blood and the blood of their sons and daughters
whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,
and the land was desecrated by their blood..."
Psalm 106:38

The land was desecrated by their blood.

Don't ask what is going wrong in America. The answer is right in front of you. Our soil is soaked with the blood of our children. We sacrifice our children to the pagan god of convenience. If we keep reading in Psalm 106 it says:

"Therefore the Lord was angry with his people and abhorred his inheritance.
He handed them over to nations, and their foes ruled over them.
Their enemies oppressed them and subjected them to their power." (Verse 40)

That's a prophecy of what will happen... what is happening to America.

Which direction do you want America to go in? Life or death? Life or death for our children is directly tied to life or death for our country. I have a son in college and I have few hopeful word for him. If we don't change our direction... and that requires you to actively participate in changing the direction of our country, then we are on the eve of destruction.

I'm not claiming to be a prophet. I'm just someone who has read the Bible and seen what God has done in the past. No country can continue to soak its soil in the blood of its innocent children for any amount of time and expect God to ignore the mass murder that is taking place. Well over 40,000,000 children have been killed in America. God can not ignore that.

Yet in the Bible God always gives people the opportunity to change. Are we going to take advantage of that opportunity? Are you? Time is running out.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

These Common Beliefs Are A Contradiction

The contradictions are so great, I can not understand how some people can live with their beliefs.

What is your position on the death penalty? Here is a quote from a web site that provides a definition of Progressive Christianity ( A part of the definition is the following stance on the death penalty:

"This commitment to nonviolence can also be seen in the Christian Left's opposition to the death penalty and the use of torture. Often, the commitment to peace is based on the sanctity of life..."

I think this provides a fairly good description of the typical basis for opposing the death penalty.

What principles do we see here?

nonviolence -- peace -- sanctity of life

opposition to the death penalty -- opposition to torture

What is your position on abortion?

The Christian left is divided on the issue of abortion, although supporting abortion seems to be a primary issue for the political left. What I don't understand are those who oppose the death penalty and also support abortion. This is a group of people who oppose taking the life of someone who has committed terrible crimes, yet they support the killing of the innocent. They oppose "violence" that brings justice, and support violence for the sake of convenience. I put the word "violence" in quotes because we are careful to be sure when the death penalty is carried out it is done in as "humane" and pain free way. On the other hand aborted babies are sometimes pulled apart, limb-by-limb while they are alive. Where is the greatest violence being done? It is in the abortion clinics.

If you support abortion and oppose the death penalty... why? Think about it. Why do you wish to withhold justice from the guilty and impose the death penalty on the innocent? Don't you care about innocent children being murdered?

What is my position on these two issues?

Abortion is murder. But if you've had an abortion, God still loves you, forgives you, and you can be sure Jesus died to pay the penalty for all your sins.

The Bible allows for the death penalty, when executed in a just manner by governments. However, personally I think we should avoid giving the death penalty. Because, when someone dies their opportunity for eternal life ends. God gives us all second, third and fourth chances. But when we die, the second chances end and our eternal destiny is determined. Heaven or hell? It will be one or the other. I like to give those convicted of crimes as much time as possible to recognize they are a sinner (someone who has disobeyed God), who is in need of a Savior, and that Savior is Jesus Christ.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

It Makes No Sense

I don't understand. Progressives (liberals) say they are for helping people. They say they want the sick to be healed. They say they want the hungry to be fed. They say they want the homeless to have a place to stay. They say they want justice for the downtrodden. They say they want the innocent and helpless to be murdered. What??? They say they care, but they see no problem with killing innocent babies, if the baby is inconvenient for the mother.

"The level of a society's civilization can best be determined by how it treats the least fortunate, the unwanted, the downtrodden and the unprotected. Because no group is more vulnerable, more unprotected than the unborn, no issue better defines or expresses the broad and complex dimensions of the Culture War better than abortion." - W.A. Borst, Ph.D.

Yes, there is a culture war and the victims are the children. One million children killed every year in the U.S. alone.

How can progressives (liberals) allow this slaughter? It does not make sense.

It is a medical fact that a baby is a person from the moment of conception. A separate, living person with their own unique DNA. This is no longer a question. So how can anyone say that killing another person is acceptable, just because that person can not speak for themselves, or care for themselves?

Should we not at least error on the side of caution? Instead of wantonly killing babies, should we not strive to save lives? Why do progressives (liberals) so favor killing, instead of adopting? Why do they so favor death, instead of life? Why do they care so little about pre-born children? It doesn't make sense.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Jews Sacrifice Children

"The have built pagan shrines to Baal in the valley of the son of Hinnom, and there they sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molech. I have never commanded such a horrible deed; it never even crossed my mind to command such a thing. What an incredible evil..." - Jeremiah 32:35

About 2,600 years ago the Jews were sacrificing their children to the pagan god Molech. It showed how depraved they were and demonstrated how far away from God they had turned.

Today, this very day, Americans are sacrificing their sons and daughters to one of the great pagan gods of America... the god of convenience. Just as sacrificing children to Molech was legal in Israel 2,600 years ago, so is abortion legal in America today. But whether it is legal, or whether the god is Molech or convenience, to take a child's life is still wrong.

If you are thinking about abortion, or know some who is, we have an excellent book by Randy Alcorn available. We'd like to give you a free copy. No charge for the book. No charge for shipping*. Just send you mailing address to: Mission to America, P.O. Box 974, Tualatin, OR 97062 and enclose a note saying that you'd like a copy.

* Offer may end at any time. Free copies are available while supplies last and while we are able to pay the postage.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Read These Words

Think about what is happening in America today and read these words from Jeremiah chapter 8. Liberal (progressive) "Christian" churches twist the meaning of scripture calling good what God says is evil. Everyone thinks they are Christian even though they ignore God, because they have listened to the teachers in America--the media, "intellectuals", science and liberal church leaders. Here is what God says:

"Why do these people keep going along their self-destructive path, refusing to turn back, even though I have warned them? I listen to their conversations, and what do I hear? Is anyone sorry for sin? Does anyone say, 'What terrible thing have I done'? No! All are running down the path of sin as swiftly as a horse rushing into battle!" - Jeremiah 8:5-7

"How can you say, 'We are wise because we have the law of the LORD,' when your teachers have twisted it so badly? These wise teachers will be shamed by exile for their sin, for they have rejected the word of the LORD." - Jeremiah 8:8,9

America turn back to the Lord! That is a cry for you individually. Listen to the word of God. Turn away from homosexual marriage and acceptance of homosexual behavior as right and good. Turn away from abortion... the sacrifice of children on the alter of the god of convenience. Turn away from divorce... the relationship between a husband and wife is the image of Jesus' relationship with the body of all believers. Turn away from fornication (sex outside of marriage). Turn away from inclusiveness that excludes God. There are many that call inclusiveness, with no limits, to be the desire of God... but they are the teachers who are twisting God's word and leading you away God. Inclusiveness is evil if it includes acceptance of sin as not being evil in God's eyes.

God's gift of salvation includes everyone. No one is excluded from this gift. If anyone accepts God's gift, it is theirs. That is the ultimate inclusiveness. But leading someone to believe they are saved and will enter heaven, when they do not desire to reject sin, is teaching a twisted gospel that leads to destruction.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boycott For Life - Boycott These Organizations

Here is an important press release dated July 24, 2007:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Life Decisions International (LDI) will soon release a revised edition of The Boycott List, which identifies corporations that are boycott targets due to their support of Planned Parenthood, the world's leading abortion-advocacy group.

"As a direct result of the commitment, action and prayers of pro-family people, at least 153 corporations have stopped funding Planned Parenthood," said LDI President Douglas R. Scott, Jr. It is estimated that the boycott has cost Planned Parenthood more than $35 million since the Corporate Funding Project (CFP) began some 15 years ago. "This should be a testament to those who believe it is impossible to change corporate philanthropic behavior.

Corporations appearing on The Boycott List for the first time are:
Allstate (insurance)
CCA Global (Carpet One, Flooring America, Flooring Canada, Flooring One, Lighting One, etc.)
Chevron (fuel/energy; Xpress Lube, Texaco)
Comcast (cable television, Internet, etc.)
DuPont (chem-icals)
eBay (online marketplace; PayPal)
Four Seasons Hotels (Regent Hotels)
GlaxoSmithKline (over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, etc.)
Marriott (Courtyard Hotels, Fairfield Inn, Grand Residences, Hori-zons Hotels, JW Marriott Hotels, Renaissance Hotels & Inns, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, SpringHill Suites, TownePlace Suites)
OSI Restaurant Partners (Outback Steakhouse, etc.)
Sears (Kmart)
Sonic (drive-in restaurants)
... and Wawa (convenience stores), among others.

Corporations continuing as boycott targets from the pre-viously released Boycott List are:
Basics Office Products
Adobe (software)
Wachovia (finance)
Nike (shoes/ap-parel, etc.)
Time Warner (Cinemax, HBO, AOL, etc.)
Bank of America, CIGNA (insurance)
Walt Disney
Johnson & Johnson
Lost Arrow (Patagonia, etc.)
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods Market
...and Nationwide (insurance), among others.

The new Boycott List includes a revised and significantly expanded "Dishonorable Mention" section, which identifies charitable organizations that are associated with Planned Parenthood and/or its agenda. Among the groups new to this section is the:
Audubon Society
Alzheimer's Association
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
American Diabetes Association
Council of Churches (including Church World Service and CROP Hunger Walks)
Glaucoma Research Foundation
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Leukemia & Lympho-ma Society
Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
National Education Association (NEA)
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Save the Children
...and the Sierra Club, among others.

"The Pro-Life Movement will succeed only to the extent that pro-life people are willing to be inconvenienced," Scott said. "The very lives of children are worth that much effort and a whole lot more."

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Friday, June 22, 2007

What Does Planned Parenthood Mean?

Abortion is defined as "nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives."

This is a quote from the 1920 book "Woman And The New Race" by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. She was a social Darwinist who believed the social inequities between people represented a natural process by which fit people (successful) rose to the top and unfit (the poor) were eliminated. The philosophy of social Darwinism favored eliminating charity to help the poor and needy because it was just delaying the inevitable weeding out of the unfit.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's Happening To America?

In the Book of Judges God blesses Israel and then withdraws His blessing. The cycle is repeated over and over. When Israel disobeys God's commandments, God withdraws His blessing. When Israel returns to obeying God, God then blesses Israel. The phrase that sums up what Israel did wrong is the very last sentence in this book... "so the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes."

When we do what seems right in our own eyes then we can expect the consequences, the withdrawal of God's blessings.

On Monday I was wondering why I didn't feel upset or sad about the murder of 33 people at Virginia Tech. On Tuesday someone mentioned that the NY Times was strongly promoting gun control. Then it struck me. Over 3,000 children are intentionally, and with premeditation, murdered EVERY DAY. And this daily mass murder doesn't even warrant a mention in the news. Our soil is soaked in the blood of our sacrificed children... how can God do anything but withdraw His blessing?

3,000 years ago people would sacrifice their children to pagan gods such as Moloch. They believed this would bring them a better life. It would bring rain to water the crops. It would bring them health and wealth. We are rightly appalled by this. As "civilized" people we would NEVER allow children to be sacrificed to a god. Or would we?

Today, 3,000 people a day sacrifice their children to the god of self-centeredness. Most abortions are done for the very same reasons people sacrificed children to Moloch, because they think it will bring them a better life. People have abortions because it is not convenient to have a baby at this point in time. People have abortions because they don't have time for children. It will interfere with their life. It will be a financial burden. We are sacrificing our children, just as the believers of Moloch did, because we believe it will mean a better life for ourselves.

What hypocrites we are!! What murders we are!! Where is the outrage? 500 years from now this period in time will be know as a dark age of savagery.

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